Jump Start Your Relationship TODAY!

•  Are you secretly crying tears of boredom & frustration with your relationship?

•  Do you feel disconnected from your partner?

•  Are you fearful your relationship is headed for disaster?

Let me share with you how to change this despair and inject energy and happiness, to create a clear direction for a sexier, more connected lifestyle.

Hi, I’m Midori Verity, Relationship & Lifestyle Coach. I help you and your partner plug back into your relationship. Think of a smartphone. When you plug it in, it comes to life. An unplugged relationship is a smartphone with a flat battery – it’s flat – no action, energy, or purpose.


Your energized world is filled with love, passion, and enjoyment. It’s full of purpose and direction.


Traits of an Unplugged relationship include:


•Loss of Attraction


•Lack of intimacy

•Financial Stress

•Arguing often but solutions rarely achieved

•Feeling of being on a hamster wheel & not knowing how to get off

•Fear that your relationship could end

How would you like to start changing this?!


Our Z’Luxe Life Relationship Jump-Start System will provide the practical tools needed to get your relationship plugged back in so you can live with more excitement, love, and happiness.

Here’s what’s included:

1) 1st Module from the Z’Luxe Life Relationship System. This is where we work on establishing shared goals of how you and your partner want to live. Maybe it’s a home on the beach, a new career, more vacations? The 1st module will show you how to plan, implement, and take action steps to achieve this energized dream life.


2) 90 Day Action Planner. This has been my personal secret weapon I use every day to accomplish the crazy goals I set. It is your roadmap to guide you to take bite-sized steps continuously to build on achieving your ultimate goals. It’s what makes your dreams a reality instead of being slowed down by overwhelm.


3) The Success Formula.  Includes 90 Day Goal Setting Video PLUS Easy Goal Setting Doc to help you achieve any goal.


4) 3 Relationship Enhancing Hypnosis Audios from internationally recognized Life-Transformation expert, Angelika Christie. These will reinforce your new way of life to make it more permanent.


5) Z’Luxe Life Jump Start Support Video. I will virtually guide you through the program to increase the ease and make it more fun.



•The Bonus that we just added are discounts to our live events and bootcamps for the 1st year. This is where you meet our professionals that may include:

•Makeover stylists, who show you how to dress & prep to make you feel your best;

•Sexologists that will take your passion to new levels;

•Mind & Body experts that guide you to make huge changes in your mindset leading to breaking through self-limiting beliefs, so you can achieve goals you never thought possible.

•Of course, I’m there too and always have tons of exciting ideas and tools to share.

A few of the planned locations are in Las Vegas, the Bahamas, and Wine Country. Remember; I’m all about a ‘plugged in’ relationship, so I ensure that fun and excitement are injected into every event! You come once; you’ll want to come again and invite all your friends!


The price for all this is normally $400


However, I want you to become a part of our Z’Luxe Life community so you can start creating the energized and happy relationship you deserve, right now!


Today I’m thrilled to offer the Z’Luxe Life Jump Start Package for only $97.


I feel so strongly about the program that if you do not feel the program created the excitement you were hoping for, return it! I’ll give you 100% of your money back. I want all my clients to feel like they received more than expected, so it doesn’t benefit any of us if you’re not happy.


However, you need to take action now because this offer is good only for 3 days and then it’s gone because I want clients that are serious and ready to change their relationship and ultimately their lives.


So make sure to click on the button right here and start living a plugged-in relationship now…not the flat one!


I look forward to seeing you at our next event!