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I’d be thrilled to do an online interview with you for one of my features on my YourTango blog , The Kickass Relationship Show, or another one of my upcoming projects.


Our online video interview is a platform for us to share your insights, bold ideas, and proven solutions, for people looking to elevate their lives and relationships.


The show targets married, educated couples, ages 35-55 years old, who’ve been together for five+ years.


Interviews last 40-55 minutes. It is an ONLINE VIDEO interview using Zoom.


In order to get started, please do the following:

1.  Schedule a Time and Day that works for you.

2.  Send your bio, topic, social media links, and headshot to

3.  Review our Preparation Tips below.


Our audience is eager to be inspired, learn and improve their lives based on your experiences, knowledge, and journey.  Listeners will connect and value your transparency and your willingness to be ‘real’.




The video recording will be conducted via Zoom.

Each recorded interview will last between 40 to 55 minutes.


Here is the meeting url for the time of interview:

For best results on Zoom – NOT REQUIRED

•    Use hardwired high-speed Internet connection

•    Good webcam (such as Logitech C920 for PC or Logitech C930e for Mac)

•    Earphones/headset with microphone (such as Plantronics MX500i 3-in-1 Headset)

•    Use of a dedicated microphone, not built into your computer, is preferred

•    Use a high processing computer for best results




Questions will be drawn from this interview guide and will be focused on your book, expertise, or business.  Please review in advance.


•Why you were inspired to start your business/journey/non-profit/etc.

•Three key lessons/tips to share with our audience

•Your exclusive offer for our listeners (not necessary).