Transform Your Relationship & Your Life in Just 30 Days


Is your relationship on the verge of failure?


  • Do you and your partner constantly argue about the same old problems?

  • Have you drifted apart to the point where you practically lead separate lives?

  • Has all the fun, happiness and romance in your relationship fallen by the wayside?


As you’re already painfully aware, this is not a healthy way to live. You’re no doubt feeling desperately unhappy, unappreciated and unloved, and you’re probably depressed too.


You’ve even considered ending the relationship, but is this what you really want?


What if there was a simple way to re-connect with your partner and get back the relationship you used to enjoy?


Re-Ignite is an innovative, exciting and highly effective virtual program that will help you rediscover the magic in your relationship in only 30 days…


  • Gain a better understanding of each other.
  • Regain control of where you’re headed as a couple
  • Discover a more loving, connected and committed relationship.


Why Choose Re-Ignite?


Re-Ignite is a one-of-a-kind program developed by Midori Verity, relationship and lifestyle coach, best-selling author of ‘Secrets to a Kickass Marriage’ and host of ‘The Kickass Relationship Show.’


It’s a virtual program, which means no traveling or extra expense.


Re-Ignite will not only help your relationship thrive, it will help you build confidence in all aspects of your life, allowing you to achieve overall health, happiness and success.


How Does It Work?


You will meet, as a private group on, once a week for 5 weeks, where Midori will personally guide you through her exclusive Jump Start Program.


Your live training starts the 1st Tuesday of every month. But you can start on the Jump Start Program immediately after purchase!


It’s time to put an end to your life of misery, and sign up now…you’ll be so glad you did!

Z’Luxe Life

Jump Start System

and Membership

Our Z’Luxe Life Relationship Jump-Start System will provide the practical tools needed to get your relationship plugged back in so you can live with more excitement, love, and happiness.

Here’s what’s included:

1) 1st Module from the Z’Luxe Life Relationship System. This is where we work on establishing shared goals of how you and your partner want to live. Maybe it’s a home on the beach, a new career, more vacations? The 1st module will show you how to plan, implement, and take action steps to achieve this energized dream life.

2) 90 Day Action Planner. This has been my personal secret weapon I use every day to accomplish the crazy goals I set. It is your roadmap to guide you to take bite-sized steps continuously to build on achieving your ultimate goals. It’s what makes your dreams a reality instead of being slowed down by overwhelm.

3) The Success Formula.  Includes 90 Day Goal Setting Video PLUS Easy Goal Setting Doc to help you achieve any goal.

4) 3 Relationship Enhancing Hypnosis Audios from internationally recognized Life-Transformation expert, Angelika Christie. These will reinforce your new way of life to make it more permanent.

5) Z’Luxe Life Jump Start Support Video. I will virtually guide you through the program to increase the ease and make it more fun.

6)The Bonus

•  Discounts to our live events and bootcamps for the 1st year. This is where you meet our professionals that may include:

•  Makeover stylists, who show you how to dress & prep to make you feel your best;

•  Sexologists that will take your passion to new levels;

•  Mind & Body experts that guide you to make huge changes in your mindset leading to breaking through self-limiting beliefs, so you can achieve goals you never thought possible.

•  Of course, I’m there too and always have tons of exciting ideas and tools to share.

A few of the planned locations are in San Diego, the Bahamas, and Wine Country. Remember; I’m all about a ‘plugged in’ relationship, so I ensure that fun and excitement are injected into every event! You come once; you’ll want to come again and invite all your friends!

Purchase Now and you can start the Jump Start Program today! You’ll benefit even more by the time the virtual program starts!

What’s included:

  • Midori’s Exclusive Jump Start Program (value $400)

  • Weekly live, group coaching for 5 weeks (value $500)

  • Private Facebook group to ask questions and connect with other couples, with similar goals.

  • All video recordings so you can rewatch (value $199)

  • BONUS: Access to Dr. Angelika Christy’s meditation series (value $300 +)

Get ready to DISCOVER the most Energized, Sexy, and Connected lifestyle!

Package value is over $1400.

Yes, I’m ready to get started!


Full Thrive in 30 Program

(without live coaching)




Full Thrive in 30 Program + Live Coaching


100% Money Back Guarantee

Guarantee:  I feel so strongly about the program that if you do not feel the program created the excitement you were hoping for, return it! I’ll give you 100% of your money back. To be eligible for the guarantee simply email the completed course work. My reason for this is I only want committed couples who are serious about improving their relationship and life, so I don’t waste your time or money. My goal is to have clients feel like they received more than expected, so it doesn’t benefit any of us if you’re not happy or if you’re not quite ready to commit to the program.?

I’m ready to create a thriving & exciting life with my partner!


Full Thrive in 30 Program

(without live coaching)




Full Thrive in 30 Program + Live Coaching