To build a mentally healthier world through inspiring and empowering wildly successful relationships and increasingly higher standards of interaction in families, communities, and societies

Midori and her husband have figured out the success formula to a wonderful marriage and life, having been together for nearly 30 years.


Midori has spent more than a decade studying interpersonal relationships, cognitive and behavioral psychology, and couples therapy. Her programs incorporate breakthrough techniques, which stomps out perceived limitations. This practice helps her clients reach extreme heights.


She has also made it a priority to study actual couples, dissecting how they communicate and interact. You’re guaranteed to receive practical, real-life suggestions and tips, that make the modern marriages of today happier and more successful.


Her first book, Secrets to a Kickass Marriage was published in 2015, and since then her advice has propelled her into being the ‘Relationship Expert’ for the California Women’s Conference.


Midori holds a degree in Communications from the University of California, Davis, with a focus on Sociology

  • Relationship Expert & Strategic Partner for the California Women’s Conference

  • Women Network Virtual Summit Relationship Expert & Co-Host

  • Speaker for Love Builder Summit

  • Speaker for Master Your Magnetism Series

  • Speaker for Highly Irresistible Woman Summit

  • Speaking Empire Certified Speaker

  • Your Tango Contributor