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Simple Tips to Improve Communication

Signs it’s time to improve communication in your relationship: Are your neighbors keeping their windows and doors shut more [...]

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Tony Robbins Priming Meditation Ritual Pt. 2

Here are the final steps of Tony Robbins Priming Meditation Ritual that I’ve adapted. Part 1 focused on breathing [...]

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Tony Robbins Priming Ritual

Tony Robbins Daily Practice for Massive Success and Happiness

Wondering how some people seem to exude success and happiness? Tony Robbins clearly has this matrix down! Here’s an [...]

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How to Quit Arguing | Crap Our Partner Says About You

The topic of this episode of ‘3 Minutes to Thrive’, is ‘Tuning In To The Crap Our Partner Says [...]

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How to Get Back in Dating Scene After 40

Tips to Overcoming Dating Fears Over 40   Most of us over 40 years of age have a dating history, and [...]

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Importance of Family Synergy in Times of Crisis

? As many of you know, I live in Northern California (Sonoma/Napa County). Recently, I witnessed the community I grew [...]

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Fashion Styling Tips to Immediately Look Your Best

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3 Minutes to Thrive | Elevate Your Relationship with Passionate Goals

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5 Things All Women Need in a Relationship

  5 Things All Women Need in a Relationship   It’s very likely that men and women are from separate universes. I [...]

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Is Your Career More Exciting and Passionate Than Your Marriage

  Your career has taken off, and you’re enjoying being recognized for the stud or studette that you are. The [...]

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5 Tips to Help Your Spouse Be Happy Again

  Marriage is a journey, and there will be happy times and challenging times. We all go through rough periods [...]

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Unique Date Ideas for Long Term Couples

  General Guidelines for Date Success:   Put it on calendar and make it an event! Set up a regular babysitter for 2 [...]

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7 Tips to Spice up your Sex Life

If the romance and passion in your long-term relationship has become a distant memory, it may be time to reignite your [...]

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If your bedroom could talk…

If your bedroom could talk, would it say that it’s been incredibly bored because all it’s being used for [...]

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Holiday Shopping with Your Spouse

            •Have the holidays become overshadowed by the stress of shopping, wrapping, and overall, busyness? Start a new tradition of [...]

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Benefits to LOTS of SEX

What cuts your risk of cancer, heart disease, boosts your libido, makes you happier, and clears your complexion? No, [...]

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20 Minute Hacks…For a Better Relationship

With many of us leading ultra-busy lives, the relationships with the people we love don’t often get the right [...]

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Dealing with Perpetual Relationship Problems Part I

  Are you sick and tired of fighting over the same thing all the time? Do you know that 69% [...]

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3 Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Connection

Do you feel that you and your partner are living on separate planets but under the same roof? Do you [...]

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From Stilettos to the Stock Exchange

Have you suppressed your dreams and aspirations because you feel you don’t have enough education, money, knowledge, etc.? Tina [...]

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Finding Fulfillment to Crush Depression

Have you ever felt deep sadness, a loss of hope, and no end in sight?   I recently interviewed Jason Weisgerber, [...]

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